In a move to expand the popular ferry traffic in the Stockholm archipelago during the summer, the municipality of Värmdö recently brought into operation a new ferry dock in Gustavsberg. Named after an old brickyard and former porcelain manufacturer, this quiet, coastal town is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation. The vast site of the now defunct pottery, which at one time spread the “Made in Gustavsberg Sweden” tag around the world, is currently being transformed into a large-scale, mixed-use development with more than 4,000 new homes currently under construction.

The new, customised ferry dock, located on the site of the former pottery, is made up of two 20-metre long, 3-metre wide pontoons that are coupled in parallel. With their weight and low centre of gravity, the pontoons are not only extremely stable, making them easily accessible for travellers, they have also been designed to withstand many years of heavy use. The pontoons are moored using anchors and heavy chains in combination with quaywall springs for smooth damping.

The ferry dock was designed and built by SF Marina in Wallhamn, Sweden and was opened in 2020.

  • Flytande färjeläge med 20m långa och 3m breda pontoner


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